Photo Day

Art too big for my scanner, so I threw it on the floor and snapped a photo to show you where I am going with the colored pencil work for the top of the red flag.  (Yes, I should have waited to photograph this outside in daylight as my camera’s flash kind of washed it out and did a number on the color.)   I’m not sure if I’m going to use it… quite frankly, I was at a bit of a loss staring at a big blank 9×12 sheet of Bristol, not sure of what to draw.

Part of me thinks that I should have stopped sooner… or walked away at different times.  Oh, I can tell what areas were done on different days or in different moods.  I purposely stopped drawing on a day when a visitor to our communal yard crossed the line from tipsy chess player to obnoxious drunk vulgarly ranting objections to the “watch the language around small children” rule as the mounting tension was entering the art.  Can you tell where?

Since this is photo day, here’s a couple more… snapped these the other day when photographing the mayor’s rock.   This is the “Our Lady of the Garden” finally outdoors after being moved three times.   Right now, she is more of a Lady in Waiting as the roots planted show no signs of life.  Some of the seeds have sprouted bits of green.  We may not have flowers until Labor Day.  Oh well… next year, we’ll seed early.

She’s in the narrow side yard.  The window next to her is the same type and size as the window that will get the stained glass on the other side of the building come this winter.   I hate those black cable cords snaking around all over everywhere… if this wasn’t a rental property, I’d rip them all down.

In case you are wondering about the chalk scribbles, they use the brick wall as a score board for Ringers, a game played like horseshoes only they toss 3″ metal washers at cut sections of plastic drain pipes stuck in the earth.

Well, thanks for viewing my art & photos!  And if you are a daddy viewing this on Sunday, Happy Father’s Day!


2 Responses

  1. I think “Our Lady of the Garden” is charming! What is she made of? It looks like she has some mosaic aspecte to her, very interesting construction!
    I wish my family cared about our yard like you folks obviously do. We just got it most of the way cut down for the first time this year! It was a jungle! The difference is wonderful, I don’t feel like hiding my head when I walk outside now, heheh.

    • Oh gosh… under the grout and stained glass, this mosaic lady has a structure of heavy wire, a tomato basket, some round grate thing, styrofoam, chicken wire, coarse window screen, and concrete “mud” with polymer additives. She’s crude… not as smooth as other mosaics that I’ve done, but I was tired of people stealing my art out of the yard at the old house where she was made. (Yeah, try to lift her without gloves, might leave DNA. The fact that she’s got to weigh a good 300 pounds helps, too.) If I had to do her again, I would have used ONE type of glass for her skin tone as using two different glasses for “skin” gave her strange spots, makes her mouth look odd, etc.

      Thanks for asking! I’m glad your family chopped through the jungle – may you enjoy many a summer day out in the yard this year with your family!


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