Eva Summers

Eva Summers… drawn on the Eve of Summer and now even the day has passed.

I’ve been neglecting blogs, both in posting on my own and in the reading of others, while busying myself with other things. It is good to socialize again, to be a part of a community… to just be outside is a blessing.

I’m still coloring daily, mainly working on the colored pencil part of the red flag.

Thank you for viewing my art!


7 Responses

  1. Wow, such strength I see within this painting, so vividly bright. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you Monica. Sorry I’ve taken so long to reply.

  2. Happy Solstice Nancy – rich, flowing sun-eye…

    • Happy (very belated) Solstice to you, too!

  3. Real “Boss”! Nice, happy for you getting out into the community, it is so important!

    • Thanks! I kind of feel like the stars aligned when I moved here… without stairs, I can hobble out the door even on bad days. Making new friends and enjoying time with neighbors is an added blessing!

  4. I think the move is proving to be a positive one for you, You’re doing art — you’re just not connected to your screen with an umbilical cord right now.


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