Our Flags

We took the flags made for YSU’s Summer Festival of the Arts up on the bus yesterday and dropped them off at the university.  Unless they fail to pass muster (do they reject any?), they should be displayed in the “2012 Flag Public Art Project” space west of the area designated for children’s activities.

If you live local and need something to do this weekend, click here for maps and more information on the Festival.  Yeah, you could check out our flags in person. I’m going up on Saturday morning so I can check out the Artist’s Marketplace. I shop for the things I don’t do… look for blown glass and pottery.

So, do you want to see our flags?  🙂

Mine first?  Or the mayor’s?  I’ll be nice… Joe first.


Yes, I decided to post one with his clothes on… I was teasing him because this next photo reminds me of the photo my aunt had taken back in the 1940s so it looked like she was wearing nothing but a big old hat… yes, this is the Mayor of Crescent Street standing out in the backyard near the fire pit with his flag.  And, just for the record, that messy porch in the background is NOT mine… a couple of women live over there.  I don’t know what the hell they got going on with that plastic, etc.  I’d crop some it out but see that tilt out window?  That’s the type of window that I was talking about in an earlier post.


Now for my two flags… we hung them from the rain gutter on my porch to photograph them days earlier.  Since I wasn’t too thrilled with the stiff and puckered thing going on (and, shock, I forgot to sign the brown flag) they were snapped again thrown down on the rug.  Here’s the red one first, followed by a close up of the colored pencil work after I worked it out a bit so it would hang better.


Yeah… I know that it is a bit weird with the “Free To” and a blank line… but the theme for the 2012 Flag Public Art Project was “Democracy in an election year” and most people equate “democracy” with “freedom” so it was meant to be thought-provoking… hopefully the viewer will fill in the blank in their own mind with whatever freedoms they cherish most from living in a democratic society.  And yes… nothing wrong with a little blatant self-promotion by putting the URL to this blog on there, too.

And now, the best for last… I wanted the red one to be the best, but this one clicks best with the people who have seen both.


And, since the lighting is bad, makes it hard to read:


Sometimes I hate cameras because I can’t take a good picture… mess up the colors or fuzz out the bells.  (Those are cast brass in a dark patina with bunnies and birds on them, but kind of look like liberty bells, eh?)  Hemp cord.  Art is always better in person.  Of course, I could have lettered it better, more neatly… but it is a flag, not fine art.  At the same time, I kind of like the hand-lettered not perfect thing going on.  It took a long time to figure out how to phrase that just right.  Those of you who know me (or have read this blog long enough) know that I believe change is rendered at the ballot box, not by camping illegally in public places.  When I hear “it’s broken” or “votes don’t count” and “why bother?” echo in the streets, I think the American people have been sold a bill of goods… only 38% of eligible Americans voted in 2010…  imagine if 99% of the people consistently exercised their right to vote, year after year after year.

So okay… thanks for taking a peek today.  Those are our flags.  What do you think?


4 Responses

  1. So, to be clear, you made two flags – #2 and #3? #2 is obviously you and it’s wonderful – sooo your style, and I like how it gives the illusion of continuing under the red fabric. Kudos Nancy, you met the challenge beautifully. I agree with the sentiments of #3 but artistically #2 wins out. Nice to meet The Mayor also, and I really like his flag. Have fun displaying them…

  2. Wow, those flags are elaborate. Love the message. Yes, vote anyway!

  3. Cool Beans!! I love the one with the Mayor standing behind is flag, heheh. Your flags are so very Nancy! Good job both of you!

  4. My fill in the blank was: Free To Be!


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