Quick Note: Dead PC

Guess that darn machine liked being turned on everyday as now it throws up a black screen with a CPU Fan Failure message and shuts itself off. I am exploring options: computer repair, smart phones that do everything but wash dishes, tablets that are computers but need computers, notebooks, laptops, and desktops that have the PC built right into the flat screen monitor so no tower required, etc. I’m on techno info overload trying to understand all this stuff while funding for new purchases got snagged between co-pays for physical therapy and the Marsberry Fund.

I’ll be back online as soon as I raise the cash to buy something and get my cat back. Maybe I can hit the lottery? Eh, odds are slim to none when you don’t buy tickets.

In the meanwhile… take care of you and always, always make art or whatever it is that you do to express your personal creativity. ~ Nancy


3 Responses

  1. Sorry to hear your magic box has lost its marbles – as you say you now have many choices to replace. The last time this happened to me I didn’t need to choose as Mac has been my choice for most of my computer life and I have never regretted it. I presently use a Mac Book Pro laptop and I love it.
    What happened with your cat?
    Missing your posts so hope you make a decision soon…

  2. Sorry to hear about your computer. Timely, though, that another blogger friend just wrote on a similar subject and I encourage you to check out his post, http://shenkitup.com/2012/07/27/the-cult-of-apple-my-macbook-love-affair/. You might find it helpful. Know that I 100 percent agree with him. Apple computers are more expensive, true, but worth their weight in gold.

  3. Miss you Nancy, hope you get it figured out soon! I have used both PC and MAC and like both equally, so no help here, lol. I would be going buggy quickly without one or the other.


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