Test 123


This is a test of the wordpress app for cell phones. The photo, if it shows up, was snapped by this same phone (an LG, which is somewhat ironic as LG also made my washing machine.) I will have to find an alternative solution because I cannot shoot straight enough to crop out the white space. Oh well. Straight up, I am one broke bee right now. This smart phone was ye half the price of the cheapest computer and once I figure out how to use it, it may be the best solution all around. I opted for Straight Talk with prepaid 30 day cards (no contracts) as $45 for unlimited everything is a lot cheaper than most of the plans out there. Hey, I’m an artist… rather spend money on good paper and such, priorities you know. Plus with a smart phone, I can read all my favorite blogs ON the bus instead of wasting hours away just riding along and talking to crazy people who, for some odd reason, think that I am one of them. Go figure? Maybe it is a familiar face thing. Anyway, if this works, I am back! Yeah! I’ve missed you all… and so much to catch up on! The art today is not an atc. It is postcard size, 4×6 inches, Faber Castell Polychromos on hot pressed cotton. Thank you for viewing my art and more than anything, thank you for putting up with me.


5 Responses

  1. You’re back! Welcome back! I can see the photo, which is what matters: progress, not perfection, right?

    • Hi Sharyn, thanks for welcoming me back! I will get the hang of this thing soon. 🙂

  2. I missed you Nancy and your posts – happy to see you back on-line. Your solution to your tech problem is interesting and I look forward to seeing how it works-out for you – so far so good. Have you checked out what your washing machine can do? – Perhaps you can do laundry and create posts with it at the same time!…

    • Hummm… maybe the spin cycle settings could speed uploading? LOL

      Yes, this is an adventure in technology. The idea to read blogs on bus was a duh as this phone needs an invisible wire to a wifi modem and open networks fly by quickly out of range. There are public hotspots downtown, etc. I’m having fun with this toy – there is an element of freedom being able to access the internet and read blogs, etc., without sitting in front of a computer.

  3. Hi Nancy, welcome back! Good to see your art here for viewing! I like the photo of your piece that is the test results. Looky verry good to mee! I am liking your finding a solution to work with your current state of brokedom, not always easy to do. If I went out much I think I would be wanting the same plan. But I am mostly here with the ‘puter so’s no phone for now.

    Just got calling out capabilities on my computer, so at least I have a personal phone at home., Got me a headset/w mike, yeah, looking very techno, lol!

    Again, welcome badk!!!!


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