Lost Dog Days of Summer

UPDATE:  Ye gads… I had to blow that BAD photo away!  Yes, viewed and edited on a real computer. 🙂


Drats!  I wrote a nice post and accidentally blew it away.

Today’s art is about the lost “dog days” of summer as August is typically hot and humid here in Ohio and the weather hasn’t been right all year.

I hope the photo looks okay on a computer screen as small colored pencil drawings tend to look like crap if they get zoomed up bigger than actual size.  The art is only 2.5 x 3.5 inches, the same size as a queen in a poker deck of cards.

I hope to have an alternative means of uploading art soon.  This phone is great for reading blogs, the app makes it easy to click “like” but not so easy to leave comments. Might just be me, old dog learning new tricks is a bit slow to the speed of technology.

Thanks for viewing my art today!


8 Responses

  1. It’s a little fuzzy at the top, but it is fun to see your stuff again — like the dog!

    • Thanks Sharyn! I appreciate the feedback.

  2. Fuzzy on my screen too – admire your ‘dogged’ determination with the phone, hope you get it to heel soon…

    • Thanks. Ideas are twirling… spent some time with phone savvy young mommies at kiddie birthday party this weekend. Might just need a special cord.

  3. Absolutely love the “Lost Dog Days”! Yeah, it is a bit fuzzy but it is so good to see you back, I just don’t care! I am sure you will tame the beast soon!

    • Tame the beast… or wiggle around it. 🙂 It is good to be back, missed you, too. Thanks!

  4. Nancy, it is fuzzy. Hope you can repost it some time because it looks like a beautiful sunset. Very rich in color and texture. I especially like the bear.

    • Thanks Monica. The cell phone photo came in HUGE! It has been replaced with a scanner image that is approx. actual size, so it looks much better.


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