Argh! Buggers Away!

Sailing on a fruity ship under the green worm flag, the pirate bug with sword drawn is ready to seize the day.

This is another phone posting test. When I uploaded the replacement image for the last post, I uploaded this drawing and quickly saved a draft to edit later via phone. Thus I can utilize limited computer time. Those darn machines seem to be a neccessity if I want to control image size and quality.

Maybe Santa Claus will bring me a new computer? Nah, I’m good but not that good. In the meanwhile, the immediate priority is paying an outragious pet fee so Mr. Marsberry Cat can move in with me.

Marsberry is a black 14 year old American Shorthair cat, so-named because he was born in Newton Falls, Ohio. That only makes sense if you have ever been to the small village of Newton Falls – it reminds me of Mayberry. They have a covered bridge and quaint little shops downtown and maybe the coolest zip code in Ohio: 44444. (My friend Rodney is also from Newton Falls, otherwise I may have never driven past the Center of the World in the first place.) Oh, the Mars part is because he is black, even those Marsberry is more of an Ivory Black than a Mars.

For the past couple years, Marsberry has lived in a kitty retirement home so he could enjoy his senior years with the one thing he craved the most: feline companionship. Unfortunately, his… bad habits (?) Anyway, they want to give him back. I will tell you more about him later.

Thank you for viewing my art!


8 Responses

  1. I love the pirate bug, Nancy.

  2. Ah Harrgghh matey – shiver me apple core! – this one shows perfectly on my screen. What’s the purpose behind the ‘pet fee’?…

    • My landlord discourages pets by charging pet fees. It does not seem fair to charge hundreds for one old, fixed and declawed cat that may not live much longer but, considering that others have destroyed units with herds of unkept unruly pets, I can see charging a refundable deposit – not a flat out fee. Thanks for commenting! I’m catching up on reading today and looking forward to hanging out at the Art Rat Cafe.

      • I agree – a big hitch in what looked like an ideal living situation – good for you for taking on kitty – all lives are worth saving…

  3. Love your art and how clever of you to do all that from your phone! Now we look forward to drawings of kitty! c

  4. Ahoy, Maties! This is quite clever. Let’s just say, your art cuts a lively swath! Nice! Looks like an illustration for a children’s book.

  5. Just as cute as a bug in “fruty ship”? Well rug rhymes better, but not so fittin’ to the post. I am loving the stinger on the buggy pirate, he be wicked dangerous!


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