ATC #325 a.k.a. Test #2

It finally dawned on me that a simple cure for my over-zoomed image issues may be resolved by making the image BIGGER by adding white space to the left & right, therefore making tiny art wide enough pixel-wise to avoid being re-sized when posting by phone.

This test added 275 pixels to each side. It is also the image uploaded by email. Crossing fingers here… sure hope this solves the problem. I may need to tweek the white space pixel count as the 275 is an odd guess, lol.

The art today is watercolours kissed by Faber-Castell Polychromos (oil based colored pencils.)

Thank you for viewing my art today!
And thank you for tolerating my bizarre tests.

Nancy ~ Sent from my LG phone


9 Responses

  1. Yes! It worked! Rofmao… wow. Such a simple solution! Okay, so the image lands at the bottom instead of the top and looks a bit smaller than it should so next time, use less white space pixils. Okay, I’m tickled. How does it look from a real computer?

  2. Looks good, small on screen – a little larger when clicked but not a huge difference. Colours come over well – lovely piece Nancy – so good to have you and your art back amongst us…

    • Thanks John! Thursday’s art should post a little bigger. I’m aiming for approx. actual size.

      • Okay…

  3. Just looked up Rofmao – quite an image evoked…

    • Oh, I skipped the L typing in roflmao so oops! I am not sure what rofmao means, but I was most definately laughing.

      • According to the web it means some thing like “Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off”…

  4. Nancy! Welcome back. You might try reducing your resolution of your photos on your phone – it might solve the problem but if you’re happy with what you’re doing adding extra pixels ignore my suggestion, lol.

  5. Thank you, Elteee! I don’t know to reduce resolution by cell phone, if that option is possible on my phone, but if I ever figure it out, it would be worth trying. One of the problems is that my art is too small, only 2.5 inches wide. It is good to be back! May we all have a very creative year!


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