Experimental Post

I found this email address jotted down on a piece of paper and I think it is my “post by email” addy. So, guess good way to find out is to do a little experimental post. Yes, I am still technologically impaired, lol. My old pc is working (sans cover & cooler weather) but I am flying slightly under the radar without the luxuries of internet service and a few other things that most people believe are neccessities in this modern age.

I kept telling myself that I would get the internet turned back on. But, who am I kidding? The last conversation I had with my former ISP, when they called to offer me the same service I had before at a fraction of the cost, ended with me saying, “I don’t want anything to do with youse people” before hanging up on them. (They pulled a bait & switch scam on me by tossing in an additional requirement to qualify for the special offer so I don’t trust them to keep their word about any new special offers.) I also kind of like flying slightly under the radar with one of these “toss away” prepaid (no contract) smart phones.

Of course, nothing is really under the radar anymore, not in the information age. So, there is no contract & nothing with even my name connected with this phone, but you can bet your bottom dollar that “they” know exactly who I am and where I am located even with the gps thing turned off.

I’m debating about attaching a photo to see what happens, but I’m thinking it would have the same issues as when I tried uploading photos with that wordpress phone app back when I had wifi. The art came in zoomed way up, looked like it had been thrown under a microscope, all pixilated. So, idk… maybe try that another day?

I just wanted to say hello and wish everyone a Happy New Years!

I also wanted to let you know that I started posting art on my facebook page. If you are on facebook, look me up (easiest way to filter me out from all the other Nancy Barnes peeps on there is to search for my yahoo email address “barnbees” and I use the same avatar image there as here.) Friend me if you want… art photos are set as “public” so you can see them either way.

Take care… and thanks for reading my ramble!

Nancy ~ Sent from my LG phone


3 Responses

  1. Nancy – so great to read you on-line again, I have missed you. I don’t really understand the techno issues you are having and I am not on Face Book but I hope you find a way of blogging that equals what you used to do. Happy New Year my friend…John

    • Thanks John. I’m just trying to blog by cell phone without home internet service nor local wifi access, lol. Gave up trying for awhile but I miss you all too much. One more test & maybe the issue will be resolved. Happy New Years!

      • Happy days to you too Nancy…


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