ATC #327


2 Responses

  1. Today’s art is the 3rd “New Years” watercolour kissed by Polychromos. I only used the pencils to bring out the lady that was already there and to balance the blues in the lower right corner. Why unnamed, idk… I like this technique of using colored pencils over watercolours, so there will be more. Good to practice something new. Also new, I relaunched Bee Out Loud, a blog that I blew off years ago. (Link on blogroll, if care to peek.) My 2013 plan is for atc art here and words over there, then those who just like to look at art do not have to read my rambles, lol. ~ N.

  2. Personally, I enjoy both, so’s them together was fine with me. Your art, your blog, your way! I will enjoy.


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