Shine On Award

Okay, I am going to break the rules because I have this love-hate thing about blog awards. They’re cool… but it is hard to come up with a list of new people to nominate as not everyone likes to play. But, more about that later.

First, I want to thank Rebecca, the Misbehaved Woman, for honoring me with this “Shine On” award. I like reading her blog. She keeps us informed about important issues like GMO’s and ALEC and other things that are just not right. Be sure to check out her blog,

Now, for seven things about me…

1. I like to break rules.

2. My life is laced with laughter. Not a day passes without something to tickle me into a hearty laugh. Even a day in solitude is not without mirth.

3. Daisies are my favorite flowers.

4. I dropped out of KSU with 105 credit hours toward a BS and a 3.84 gpa (already had an AS in EERT.)

5. I accidentally married the same man twice and then it took me twenty years to get over it. Nah, just 20 years to reach the point where I can’t say never again. I hear companionship is nice for old folks, lol.

6. I like gruel with a splash of hazelnut.

7. Copper is my favorite element.

Okay, now every blog award has rules and the Shine On is no exception, so here are “the rules” for this award:

1. Show appreciation of the blogger who nominated you and link back to them in your post.

2. Add the reward logo to your blog (snag the photo below. Most people put it on top but since I am blogging by email via cell phone, it landed on the bottom.)

3. Share seven things about yourself.

4. Pass the award on to 5 – 10 other bloggers you admire.

So, thanks again to the Misbehaved Woman and thanks to all of you for reading!

OH… who shall I nominate? YOU!!!

Yes, that is how I am breaking the rules… I am nominating everyone, or rather opening the nominations to anyone who wants to play. To nominate your own self, please leave a comment here and include a link to your blog so others who read this post can pop over for a visit. And those who don’t want to play can also leave a link if they so desire.



2 Responses

  1. Wow – you’re on an award roll and congrats for this one – you certainly shine on. I’ve also been thinking about the whole concept of awards and their necessary exclusiveness. You have come up with an idea to combat this, however, I think most bloggers are too modest to vote for themselves, although I could be wrong…

  2. Awe, dear John. Please consider yourself hereby officially and most deservingly nominated for a Shine On Award. 🙂

    We have a difference of opinion about blog award. Where you see exclusiveness, I see a chain letter aspect (minus the negative “or else” implication common to chain letters and those “if you love Jesus” click like or email to so many friends to prove it cutsy little picture things.) Many bloggers don’t care to play so its hard to know who does and who doesn’t.

    Its all cool… Shine On!


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