M is for… MENTAL

Dead Weight

M is for MENTAL
which makes me laugh to say
as I can’t count the times
it was worded the other way.


I have M’s in the lines on the palms of both hands.  So does my sister.  One of the things we have told each other now and then over the years, usually with a laugh is, “Those M’s don’t stand for Mental.”


Today’s art is a 5 x 7 inch drawing photographed on my wood table before framing because my scanner is still acting up.

So, what is the art about?  Why is it M for Mental?

I live in   Insanity  International Towers.  It is a high rise apartment building for elderly and disabled people located right smack downtown in Youngstown, Ohio.  I have heard it called “Insanity Towers” on the street.  Most people just call it “The Towers” and some people call it “International” and I think we are supposed to call this building “IT” because management distributes a monthly “IT Newsletter” but no one does.   It is not a bad place to live.   It is a secure building with friendly staff, activities for residents, and they keep it well maintained inside and out.  What more could you ask for?

I started this drawing at a meeting of the building’s “Mindfulness” group.  We were drawing for the activity that day.  It just so happened to be on a day that I had woke up from a dream about planting this “tree” that was really a dead log with one little vine branch growing out of the top.  My grandson (older than he is now) came over to help me pull it out of the storage closet, haul it down, and plant it.  Yes, it was wrapped, boxed, and stuck in a closet.  I had hauled it from place to place, taking it with me every time I had moved.

Then the dream flipped and we were outside. My grandson sat the tree in the corner of a flower bed, near the intersection of two walls.

“Looks good here,”  he said.

 “Oh no, that won’t do,” I said.  “The roots will grow into the water lines.”

“But grandma,” he said, looking at me as if I had lost my mind.  “It’s dead.  It’s not going to grow roots.”

I woke up thinking about the  “dead weight” that I’ve been carrying around all these years.  Maybe it is time to chip away the old wood, free the roots, and plant the vine.   That requires mental work, so that is why this drawing is the M for Mental.

I finished and framed “Dead Weight” yesterday, then gave it to one of the social workers in this building.  She wants to start a resident art wall in the community room to encourage other people to make art.  They may be surprised at the number of artists who live in this building.

Thanks for reading, and thank you for viewing my art today.  Now I need to get caught up on my reading as there are quite a few interesting blogs participating in the  Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.


One Response

  1. I love the colors of this one, and the movements in the sky, you draw beautifully!

    And it’s a great metaphor for putting down the dead weight we all carry, as you said of your dream, and leaving that behind.


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