O is for… OHIO

Ohio is a state in the Midwest.
Or, it used be called the Midwest Territory.
I noticed weather maps include Ohio in “Mid” zones,
Or was that “Central” United States?

I think Illinois is Central, as in Central Time.
Ohio is in part of Eastern Standard Time.
Okay, so I don’t know where it is.
I just live here.

Ohio is the friendly state,
Drop the O’s… hi, hello!
The terrain rolls with hills,
Just like the word rolls, O hi O.

Common misperception:
People in Ohio all think alike.
Tell you true, that is so not true.
I have four sisters and we rarely agree.

Maybe that is why the vote in Ohio
Usually predicts Presidential elections.
We are an eclectic mix, a diverse population.
From Cleveland Yuppies to Ohio River Rats.

Well, no art today.
Thought I’d do something different.
Share a YouTube video of my all time favorite band.
The song? What else… OHIO.


I could not find an “Ohio” video that did not have the “must watch on YouTube” restriction.  I assume the reason why is the advertisement, which by the way, is very short.

I graduated from KSU but years later.  In 1970, I was 10 years old… that was the year we moved from Colorado Springs to Seagraves, Texas.

BeesATC is participating in the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.


3 Responses

  1. Love that song! Great, if shocking, photos–but shocked is what we should be at how protesters get treated. Thanks for the visit over at Life In Dogs !

    • Yes, so agree. I bookmarked your blog so I can wander back and stay awhile after the holiday as I so enjoyed the read.

  2. Ohio sounds like a nice state to live in. I didn’t know about the 4 May massacre, have read about it now. Always shocking when protests end up like this. Also in Europe there were lots of protests against the Vietnam war.


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