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Z is for… Z babes
April 30, 2014


Z is Z babes
as in my grandchildren
Zarah, Zavier, and Zeth.

Each is my favorite in their own way.
Zarah is beautiful and a lot like her mother, vibrant and bold.
She will take the world by storm.

Grandma calls Zavier “Zavie Baby” and the daycare calls him “Baby Bird”.
He is the quiet one, reminds me of my daddy.
I think he will be the one who will like to make things.

Baby Zeth is a happy, bubbly child. He dances with both hands going.
I think he needs drum sticks or wooden spoons on old pans.
He just turned one.

And this is Z… so the challenge is done.

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April 18, 2014


This Ranger is mine,
Though when pencils get short
The little German works fine.


BeesATC is participating in the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.

O is for… OHIO
April 17, 2014

Ohio is a state in the Midwest.
Or, it used be called the Midwest Territory.
I noticed weather maps include Ohio in “Mid” zones,
Or was that “Central” United States?

I think Illinois is Central, as in Central Time.
Ohio is in part of Eastern Standard Time.
Okay, so I don’t know where it is.
I just live here.

Ohio is the friendly state,
Drop the O’s… hi, hello!
The terrain rolls with hills,
Just like the word rolls, O hi O.

Common misperception:
People in Ohio all think alike.
Tell you true, that is so not true.
I have four sisters and we rarely agree.

Maybe that is why the vote in Ohio
Usually predicts Presidential elections.
We are an eclectic mix, a diverse population.
From Cleveland Yuppies to Ohio River Rats.

Well, no art today.
Thought I’d do something different.
Share a YouTube video of my all time favorite band.
The song? What else… OHIO.


I could not find an “Ohio” video that did not have the “must watch on YouTube” restriction.  I assume the reason why is the advertisement, which by the way, is very short.

I graduated from KSU but years later.  In 1970, I was 10 years old… that was the year we moved from Colorado Springs to Seagraves, Texas.

BeesATC is participating in the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.

L is for… LONGING
April 14, 2014


L is for LONGING
creeping into the night
when the one the heart loves
remains out of sight.


“You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you, Peter Pan. That’s where I’ll be waiting.”  ~  Tink


I wake alone.  Armed with two pencils, I walk across the street to get a cup of coffee and find a bench as a place to start today’s drawing.  The air smells like rain coming, the warmth deceptive.  Tomorrow, after the storm rolls through, will be cold.  Birds, traffic, conversations and flags whipping on the breeze, typical city noises.  The gray skies, cold pressed paper (not my fave, hot pressed is smoother), Van Dyck Brown or Cinnamon?

Zimtbraun, which may be German for Cinnamon as Faber-Castell pencils are made in Germany, touches the paper first, lightly dusting, laying down color, creating an under-drawing.  I have no idea what it will become.  My former future faux whatever son-in-law (who knows what they are doing?) arrives with ice cream.  Low fat, reduced calorie Moose Tracks?  I’m not dieting, sure hope they didn’t skimp on the fudge swirl.

Back inside, up the elevator, where a hundred colors and faded photographs await.  L comes to me.


BeesATC is participating in the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.
Thank you for viewing my art today!

The Last Post
May 19, 2013

This is my last post on BeesATC, at least for awhile.

As some of you already know, I relaunched my barnbees blog at in January, 2013.

I needed a place to write without any self-imposed rules, where I would feel free to post anything and everything from rambles to poetry, cell phone snapped photos, art in any size, to just bee out loud,to think out loud on virtual paper.

The plan, initially, was to post on both blogs: “practice art” in ATC size here, everything else over there. Over time, the “barnbees” blog felt more like home.

Perhaps it was coming… I was screwing up here right and left in 2012, detouring from this blog’s purpose, rambling when I shouldn’t, skipping days of posting in a “daily” blog, failing to put together the monthly galleries, etc.

The need to just make art was also overpowering my commitment to making a thousand “practice” pieces. Someday, maybe, I will reach that magic number.

I still make practice pieces now and then, ATC size art, but found myself posting them on barnbees simply because it was easier to snap a cell phone photo, so what if it shows the table top or whatever background, than it was to scan and crop the image, jump through pc hoops and transfers to phone and email just to get it up here.

I was also dealing with some personal things that “don’t belong” on an art blog, may not belong on any blog, yet writing in such a public forum about a disorder shrouded in, and perpetuated by secrecy was, in fact, quite liberating. Yes, that is “airing your dirty laundry in public” so to say, but living with deep dark secrets was like wearing that same dirty laundry for 40+ years. Recovery requires taking it off.

Will I ever post again at BeesATC?

Honestly, I don’t know. I’m not ready to blow it off… won’t hurt for it to exist in the universe of cyberspace. Maybe someday, if I have a computer online again.

I’m a little off the grid right now, flying without the use of computers, internet providers, or even a wifi connection. Yes, no land lines or wireless, no cable or anything. I have basic utilities here, an antenna for the television. Every 30 days, I load a new $45 StraightTalk unlimited phone/data card on this LG Android cell phone.

I have adapted quite well. No plans to buy a new computer. My old one is fine to use as a glorified typewriter, sans humid days due to the bad fan.

Oh well. If you like my art, please wander over to barnbees now and then… click the “art notes” catagory if you want to avoid the rambles.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for following BeesATC. I hope you like barnbees… if not, then farewell, may your life journey be blessed with love, peace, art, and laughter.

Here Before
January 27, 2013

Familiar shapes, simular forms, the curve that hand takes as it draws a line, a deja vu design. What was the name of it? The green one… it is here on this blog somewhere, do you recall? A white background and the swish of greens and browns. I have been here before in this imaginary place, drawn the scene in other seasons. This one is done in water colours, polychromos, and black ink.

Thank you for viewing my art today!

Art Again!
January 26, 2013

I don’t know what to call this one… any suggestions?

It feels good to post art again. This is a paint drawing, made with watercolours, Faber-Castell Polychromos (colored pencils) and black ink on Canson watercolour paper, 2.5 x 3.5 inches.

Thank you for viewing my art today.

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